As the premier Commercial Real Estate Consultants in Madison, we understand that your bottom line is our mission. Through prudent real estate decisions, based on your company’s specific needs and ever-changing market forces, Broadwing Advisors can help you achieve your desired financial results. Whether you seek to capitalize your investment, a new space for a growing company, gain operational efficiencies, or need ongoing consultative support, we can advise the right strategic path for your real estate decision.


Tenant Representation

Broadwing Advisors is passionate about creating leasing arrangements that work for your business both now and long-term. If you have big growth plans, your lease should accommodate these plans. In fact, part of our process identifies your Commercial Real Estate Strategy. When representing the tenant during lease or sale negotiations, we work extremely hard to maximize your real estate strategy. Your company’s bottom line will always be our primary goal during the Tenant Representation process. What is Tenant Representation you ask? Simple, really. When you are seeking a new lease or purchase within the Commercial Real Estate market, we act as your agent. We discuss and negotiate terms on your behalf, and best of all, we are paid entirely by the Landlord (or property owner). If you are ever on the market for new real estate or simply want to re-negotiate your current terms, make sure to contact us first before beginning the process. Broadwing Advisors will work tirelessly to get you the best deal possible.

Consulting Services

When it comes to contract negotiations, you've found the right firm, Broadwing Advisors, for your company. We are experts in guiding you through contract and other lease negotiations. Having years in this field, Broadwing Advisors are tried experts in structuring win-win deals that help your bottom line. When going into Contract Negotiations, it is extremely important that your team has the proper research, documentation, and other supporting materials ready to ‘make your case.’ If you are fully prepared with the correct comparables, tax rolls, or other documents, you will quickly gain the upper-hand when negotiating a new lease, contract, or option-to-purchase. Contact Broadwing Advisors – we’ll make sure your firm is adequately prepared and represented during any negotiation.

Commercial Investments

Madison is one of the fastest growing commercial real estate markets in Wisconsin. With that, many of our clients wish to invest in properties to build and diversify their portfolios. With the right advisor, investors can find properties that hold and grow value over time. Broadwing Advisors has spent years building Investment Portfolios for many individual and business investors in Madison and across the country. Our region has continually shown to be the right market for investment. If you or your firm is looking to grow or diversify your investment portfolio, give us a call. We will gladly work with you to find the ideal real estate investment properties that will maximize your returns.

Properties / Listings

Broadwing strategically focuses on assisting its clients with all real estate matters with a strong emphasis on corporate representation, consulting, and investments sales. We do assist legacy clients with specific “for lease” listings along with investment sales. Please call us for information on our existing listings for our current clients.